The opinions of my colleagues and those who bought the course:


The opinions of my colleagues abroad:

“A nice DVD with some very good exercises, simple to follow, clean, professional, and would benefit many people.” Tim Allardyce, Registered Osteophath and Chartered Physiotherapist –Londra (Inghilterra)

“The DVD is very clear and has a very good translation!” Alexander Hurwitz, Dip PT, Rehabilitation Professional, Londra (Inghilterra)

“Very good! Congratulations on your work! Instructions clear, the model used is very good!” Mark Raynsford , Dip PT, RMT; Guilford (Inghilterra)

“This is the most informative and cutting edge fitness video. Its a must see for all trainers looking to expand their knowledge base.” Jason keigher – Certified Personal Trainer – New York (USA)

“De todas maneras, ante todo enhorabuena, creo que vas a tener mucho éxito, además el precio es totalmente accesible.” Luis Muñoz, Fisioterapeuta osteopata, Valencia (Spagna)

“Die DVD ist interessant und verfügt über eine sehr gute grafische Bearbeitung“. Christian Vieri, Magister der Sportwissenschaften, Vienna (Austria)

The opinions of my Italian colleagues:

Good work, simple and easy to use even by non “insiders”. Agosti Claudio – Chinesiologo – BRESCIA

Watching the video course I immediately had two thoughts: “very high professional quality of the work”...from here the study and experimentation over the years with evident results for people”. I congratulate my colleague Damiano.Benetti Alessandro – Chinesiologo – TORINO

I watched the video course, congratulations, it’s very well done… Brazzo Marco – Chinesiologo – Rovereto (TRENTO)

It’s 3:00 in the morning and I’ve been kidnapped by your website! I immediately bought the video course. Carpanedo Rodolfo – Chinesiologo – TORINO

The video course is valid and presents exercises that I also do in the gym. Cirla Maurizio – Chinesiologo – CUNEO

I watched the video course, I must tell you that it is very nice and immediate, simple both as speech and explanations and as clarity of images, I find it very interesting especially on the structure of the 4 weeks. De Donatis Andrea – Chinesiologo – TRENTO

Excellent realization, clear, technically very good. Maybe a little “soft” in the first two steps, but consequently easy and with little risk. A great tool. Manganaro Claudio – Chinesiologo – Pinerolo (TORINO)

The result of years of experimentation with kinesiological experiments, enclosed in an immediate, curated, and above all valid video course. Marini Matteo – Chinesiologo – Moniga del Garda (BS)

From my point of view it is very good and well structured. Pannunzio andrea – Chinesiologo – MILANO

I received and viewed the course video. I think it might be useful to do your “homework” properly. Paola Donatella – Chinesiologo – SAVONA

Congratulations on the beautiful research work, excellent video course complete in everything and very understandable even for patients. Pernice Alessandro – Chinesiologo – MILANO

I received the video course and it seemed very positive. Rebaudengo Adriano – Chinesiologo – Vigone (TORINO)

The video course is clear, linear in the display of classic back exercises. Rorato Marco – Chinesiologo – Cento ( FERRARA)

I received your video course, it’s really interesting, a pleasure to find colleagues like you. Siffi Marco – Chinesiologo – PORDENONE

“Good job.” Tagliafichi Mauro – Chinesiologo – PIACENZA

Greetings and congratulations on the video course. Bernardeschi Michele – Chinesiologo – Ponsacco (PISA)

“…I finally saw your course video completely and I found it brilliant in its simplicity and I fully reflected myself in what I saw, not only because I use the exercises you proposed too, but because they actually give results”. Blardino Roberto – Chinesiologo – PRATO

Congratulations on a job well done. Lenzi Martina – Chinesiologo – Faglia (PISA)

Congratulations for your simple, straightforward, competent and also very professional presentation of the course video. Lilli Leonardo – Chinesiologo – TERNI

Thank you for quickly sending me the video course that will be of great help to me Mercanti Luca – Chinesiologo – FIRENZE

I saw your video course, it’s really good work, simple and clear things. It’s dedicated to people who want to learn for themselves. Reali Luciano – Chinesiologo – ROMA

Good start to the work! Ricci Alioscia – Chinesiologo – PESARO

I find the video course very interesting and is very clear in the development of the protocol. Romolini Stefano – Chinesiologo – FIRENZE

The graphics, the positions performed by my colleague Daniela, the commentary, are well done. Good, I liked it, keep it up. Arcuri Ezio – Chinesiologo – CATANZARO

I have received the video course and I congratulate you on the clarity of presentation of the topics covered. Buono Giuseppe – Chinesiologo – MATERA

I watched your video course,I find it very useful, clear and concise, certainly a good means of work for us colleagues kinesiologists and for those who alone at home want to do some exercises properly.Frazzetta Emanuele – Chinesiologo – CATANIA

It seems clear to me, simple in structure and easy to approach and understand. Useful for the intended purposes. Mele Enrico – Chinesiologo (consigliere nazionale UNC) – SALERNO

Good work and also very practical. Patrone Cesare – Chinesiologo( presidente provinciale UNC) – CAGLIARI

I congratulate you both for the refinement of the package and its content: the protocol is detailed, the exercises perfectly illustrated and explained, the method certainly effective. Ruberti Paolo – Chinesiologo – LECCE

I have to congratulate you because it is really a very good job both from a technical-professional point of view and from a graphic point of view. Trani Massimiliano – Chinesiologo – TARANTO