Back pain?


The protocolfrancesconi is the result of 15 years on continuous study and practice in the field of postural training.
The protocollofrancesconi is a postural gymnastic programme aimed at fighting painful symptoms deriving from lumbago and dorsodynia

The protocollofrancesconi

Combat back pain and improve your posture with my video course!

The Protocol

The protocollofrancesconi is a postural gymnastic programme aimed at fighting painful symptoms deriving from lumbago
and dorsodynia. The video course protocollofrancesconi has a gradual and progressive structure developing over 4 weeks.The exercises are simple and need no special equipment.
For this reason everyone can carry them out in their own home.

What does the video course include?

The exercises that will change the quality of your life!

Thoracic-diaphragmatic respiration

Stretching of the musculature of the lower limbs and of the vertebral column

Reinforcement of the dorsal lumbar and abdominal musculature

Sensitization of the movements of the hip

Stretching and mobilization of the vertebral column

The protocollofrancesconi has a gradual and progressive structure developing over 4 weeks. Here are the exercises included:

  • Respirations
  • Stretching of the rear muscles of the leg
  • Retroversion and anteversion movement of the pelvis
  • Mobilization of the dorsal backbone in prone quadrupedal position standing on hands
  • Stretching of the gluteal muscles
  • Stretching of the rear muscles of the thigh and the leg
  • Sliding
  • Stretching of the femoral quadriceps
  • RStrengthening of abdominal muscles in isometry
  • Abdominal strengthening of oblique muscles
  • Auto-stretching in supine
  • Auto-stretching from sitting position
  • Strengthening of dorsolumbar muscles
  • Mobilization of the dorsolumbarbackbone in prone quadrupedal position standing on forearms
  • Stretching of the thigh adductor muscles
  • Stretching of dorsolumbar muscles with glutei on heels


Demo video extracted from the course, try the exercises!

Exercise 1

In the antalgic position, with lower limbs forming a right angle between thigh and leg and resting on a chair, perform the following movements:

Perform inspirations and exhalations in such a way as to appreciate a wide movement of the ribcage. (10 repetitions)

Inhale feeling the maximum expansion of the chest. Holding your breath, push the abdomen downwards and then slowly exhale. (10 repetitions)

breathe in feeling the maximum expansion of the chest. Holding the breath, push the abdomen downward, then, again without breathing, retract the abdomen by re-expanding the ribcage. Finally exhale. (10 repetitions)

Exercise 3

Supine, with flexible lower limbs, hands on pelvis, perform the following movements:

Perform, exhaling, the retroversion movement trying to place the lumbar section on the mat.

Inhale, perform the anteversion by removing the lumbar spine from the ground. (15 repetitions)

About me?

Damiano Francesconi

Kinesiologist with 25 years of experience in back pain prevention and treatment

I am a kinesiologist and a motor and postural re-educator with 25 years of experience, since 1995 I help adults and children to correct postural defects that can lead to back pain.. In my professional career, I have helped hundreds of people to improve their health thanks to the disclosure of my “protocol” that helps to fight back pain with postural gymnastics exercises. Protocolfrancesconi exercises are simple and do not require specific tools. For this reason, anyone can perform them in the comfort of their own home.

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Combat back pain and improve your posture!


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Faq on Protocol

The protocollofrancesconi is structured gradually and progressively and is completed in four weeks. Once purchased you can review the exercises as many times as you want from each device (PC, tablet, smartphone).

It’s always better to respect the “principle of non-pain”. In the algic phase it is advisable to perform only the “green” exercises of the first week, in particular number 1 and number 3.

There’s no such thing as a rule. I advise people to find a quiet moment to perform the exercises, perhaps with relaxing music in the background (performing them quickly only conveys stress).

The moderate physical activity practiced at aerobic level (walking, running, swimming) is excellent because it increases oxygenation of the musculoskeletal structures of the spine, thus reducing inflammation.

Postural gymnastics carried out in level of prevention is always an investment in one’s own health. It improves joint mobility, muscle stretchability and helps to relax.

After various tests, I was able to verify that people who perform the exercises correctly at home at least twice a week as a “pleasant weekly appointment” tend to stabilize and improve their condition.

It is possible to perform the exercises without warm-up, however 10/15 min warm-up on a treadmill exercise bike improves muscle stretchability.