Damiano Francesconi - Kinesiologist
Movement and sport science Expert

Postural training to improve back pain

I help people of all ages to improve back pain and find the correct posture.

Damiano Francesconi

About me

I am a kinesiologist and a motor and postural re-educator with 25 years of experience, since 1995 I help adults and children to correct postural defects that can lead to back pain.. In my professional career, I have helped hundreds of people to improve their health thanks to the disclosure of my “protocol” that helps to combat back pain with postural training exercises.The protocollofrancesconi exercises are simple and need no special equipment. For this reason everyone can carry them out in their own home. Protocolfrancesconi exercises are simple and do not require specific tools. For this reason, anyone can perform them in the comfort of their own home.


Discover how the postural gymnastics of protocollofrancesconi can help you prevent and cure back pain and improve your posture!

Bambini chiesiologo


Incorrect posture can lead to spinal problems at an early age. Find out how corrective gymnastics can prevent these problems from arising.

My Protocol

Improve your posture with my video course!

protocolfrancesconi is the result of fifteen years of study and continuous practice in postural gymnastics.
The protocollofrancesconi is a postural gymnastics program that aims to counter the painful symptoms caused by low back and back pain.

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And solve your posture problems forever!