10 rules for rucksuck

The 10 "Rules" for carrying the schoolbag correctly

  1. Don’t use a rucksack too large. Buy it based on the physical build of the boy or girl.
  2. The straps must be wide and padded.
  3. Fill the rucksack with sense. (the heaviest books must be placed close to the spine).
  4. Put on the rucksack with the aid of a high surface (table at home, school desk).
  5. It’s advisable to use a rucksack with an abdominal strap which balances the load.
  6. Don’t overload the rucksack with heavy useless objects.
  7. Don’t run while wearing the rucksack (above all when it is very full).
  8. if the weight is not too much, carry it at intervals like a briefcase using the proper handle.
  9. Don’t wear it on one shoulder only.
  10. Don’t drag a school friend by the rucksack.

After all these rules, a “challenge”: Why don’t the manufacturers make a trolley suitable for school use instead of rucksacks?

After all, man invented the wheel “quite some time ago”.

Damiano Francesconi