Gymnastics against pain

Ginnastica contro il dolore

Corrective exercises to eliminate incorrect postures and thus alleviate the suffering of the skeletal and muscular structure

In the fitness centres that wish to offer their clients a complete and quality service, the offer of corrective gymnastics and postural-antalgic courses is not to be missed.

With the classic term of corrective gymnastics we mean gymnastics aimed at the prevention and treatment of the classic paramorphisms and dimorphisms that afflict children in developmental age such as dorsal hyperciphosis, lumbar hyperlordosis and scoliosis. The specialist doctor (orthopaedist or physiatrist) after a careful examination prescribes, depending on the severity of the case, corrective gymnastics alone or as part of a therapeutic procedure that also includes other interventions (orthosis, medication, etc…).

Corrective gymnastics essentially consists of exercises to lengthen myofascial retractions; strengthening of deficitory muscles; research of correct posture in both static and dynamic situations; perception and self-correction of postural defects.

If the treatment is performed correctly and methodically the results are excellent.

Postural-antalgic gymnastics, on the other hand, is important for the prevention and treatment of annoying pains that may affect the various areas of the musculoskeletal system (lower limbs, upper limbs, spine) of adult subjects for various reasons: incorrect positions or prolonged for a long time during the performance of their work activities; sedentariness; muscle rigidity; sudden efforts involving the back; traumatic events of various kinds.

More and more frequent are the medical prescriptions of postural gymnastics and gymnastics, especially for the excellent results obtained in the treatment of low back pain.

It is a gymnastics that engages the whole body with the aim of reducing or eliminating painful symptoms completely.

It involves stretching the muscles of the upper limbs, lower limbs and back, strengthening the back-lumbar and abdominal muscles and educates in the search for the correct posture.

Corrective-antalgic gymnastics is in continuous evolution; there are many new methods that are constantly being compared but its roots are ancient; just think that already in 400 BC. Hippocrates in the writings of his famous “Corpus Ippocraticum” explained how gymnastic exercises were an integral part of his preventive medicine.

(from “Giornale di Brescia” 23/09/2006)

Damiano Francesconi