Sleeping on a good mattress is an important factor in preventing "back pain".

People often ask me what the mattress should be like that makes the bodyassume a more correct posture and allows for better rest.

In the past, those who suffered from “back pain” were always advised to use the so-called “orthopaedic mattress”. Usually it was a very rigid mattress that prevented the spine from maintaining its physiological curves; in fact it tended to “flatten them” and on waking up, the subjects who already suffered from back pain, felt a feeling of stiffness and pain throughout the vertebral column.

Today the manufacturers offer various models of mattresses made of different materials: latex, latex foam, spring mattresses combined with wool or synthetic foams and lately in polyurethane. Which one to choose? Regardless of the material of which the mattress is made, I recommend that the one that best respects the physiological curves of the spinal column and, as shown in the following drawings, is not too rigid but not too soft either, because it would tend to create incorrect spinal column positions in both cases.

I suggest you go to a specialist shop, get advice, and ask to try lying on each side of your body for at least 5 minutes. Testers who brought home mattresses to try them for a month, rarely changed their opinion after a first short test.

Another thing not to be overlooked is the use of wooden slats (usually beech) on which the mattress rests. Many people make the mistake of using old mattress supports that are usually deformed by time and as a result can also alter the shape of a new mattress.

I therefore advise you to choose carefully which mattress to sleep on because proper rest is an important factor in preventing back pain.

Luigi Vielmi