Use of the lumbar support cushion: considerations

These days receive many E-mails from people asking me whether the lumbar support cushion is useful and if there are objections to its use.

Consolidated studies have ascertained that a healthy spinal column must maintain all of the physiological curve: Two lordoses (cervical and lumbar) and two kyfhoses (dorsal and sacral).

The presence of the curves of the spinal column on the sagittal plane increases the resistance of the column to strains of axial compression*.

Rarely, people who have to stay sitting for many hours, driving or in the office, adopt a correct position: in fact they tend to sit without maintaining a correct posture of the bust. This causes a kyphosization of the lumbar zone which is the contrary of the lumbar lordoses.

To remedy this inconvenience, it is therefore advisable to use a lumbar support (available in orthopaedic or car accessory shops) to apply to car or office seat.

This allows the correct leaning of the spinal column in the lumbar zone and prevents the column losing the physiological curves. It ‘s worth remembering that the lumbar support helps to maintain a correct posture, but is not sufficient to prevent or cure back pain. Therefore it is advised to avoid sitting for more than two or three hours. Getting up and taking a few steps around the desk or the car is beneficial for the back. One mustn’t forget when returning home to perform the postural gymnastic exercises.

Luigi Vielmi